• Unplaced is an audio drama that tells the story of a woman who wakes up one day to find that no one can see or hear her, and everyone she knows is slowly forgetting about her.


    If you like your podcasts to be a mix of introspection and urban fantasy, with a dash of supernatural horror, check it out. Available now wherever you download podcasts, or you can listen below. Normally released biweekly, currently on hiatus in between seasons (expected to return May/June of 2018).


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  • Cast and crew

    Cole Burkhardt

    The Narrator

    Cole Burkhardt is a floating meat popsicle based in D.C. They started with producing and cohosting the actual play podcast Blue Dawn. From there, they voiced the tactical visual novel Astral Knights: Tactical Magic and help produce Audio Diary of a Superhero. When they aren’t working on audio, you can find them at many east coast anime and gaming conventions with Reframe, a panelist group focusing on providing diverse panels and cosplays. You can find more from them on twitter @KingColeMiner.

    Michelle Nickolaisen

    The Writer/Creator

    Michelle has been writing basically ever since holding a pencil was physically possible, and now has a career as a freelance business writer. In whatever free time is left over from that, they work on their many side projects, including Unplaced, the Worldslip series, and short stories/essays.

    Brendan Hutchins

    The Audio Engineer/Sound Designer

    Obsessed with podcasts since 2007 where he could listen all day while working, Brendan decided to put his degree in audio engineering to use making his own podcasts Podcast Playl.ist and Nobody Asked For This. Unable to stop there, he created a network to assist others edit and produce new podcasts. Tweet Brendan @PodcastAdvocate.

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